A few weekends ago, I sat with tears brimming my eyes as my husband toasted our friends.  He was again inspiring me, reminding me of the beauty of what lies within. 

“You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.”

My husband worked this past year in a place filled with pain so strong that the people inside regularly turned on each other – not once was he built up by his peers, but oh the times they openly criticized and tore him down.  But my remarkable husband, instead of identifying with the hurt and anger he was tempted by every day, he chose to be defined by the love of our big-hearted, beautiful friends. To soak up the goodness of our friends who do a victory dance for him when he gets good news, who send texts to cheer him up, who encourage him through prayers and the power of positive thinking. 

As we clinked our glasses to end the toast, it occurred to me that our friends can only inspire Darren to be defined by love and relationships because of how they have chosen to define themselves.  None of them are defined by possessions, recognition, social status, special skills or even really by the work they do.  They try to live from a deeper sense of who they are.

What lies in our friends also lies within my husband, myself, and all of us if we trust it.  It is the true belief that we are not what we have, but we are our connection to others and to this world.  We are our oneness with all that is.