a truly lovely visit

Last weekend, my in-laws came to town.  As my husband and I were preparing for the visit and trying to plan a schedule, it hit me.  I’ve been in a pretty simple routine.  Maybe rut is the better word.  I’ve definitely been keeping busy and not bored with life – that’s not really the rut I’m talking about.  I more mean – I had gotten into a city rut and an idea rut.  Whenever I make a plan to meet someone for drinks, it’s always at the same handful of bars.  Same story with restaurants.  And really – same story with any activities.  I’ve been in Indianapolis for less than two years, but you’d think I’d been here for ten. 

So, thank god my in-laws came.  I needed to spice things up – continue to fall in love with the city that is becoming my home.  And it’s always fun to see places through an outsider’s perspective.  Like, my in-laws couldn’t believe that on a Friday night, we could just show up at a brewery downtown and get free beer.  And, coming from an east coast lifestyle, it was really a great shock for them that we live in a densely populated neighborhood and still have a fairly large yard, big enough for a fire pit, two raised vegetable beds, a couple large trees and flower beds. 

Not only did we have a great time exploring the city, cooking together, indulging in a lot of truly delicious and rich food, and gardening together, but my love for this new home was rekindled.  [And, all my Philly friends, in case you’re missing it – this is a big HINT HINT to plan a visit!]

Free locally brewed beer tasting at Sun King Brewery

Our first home-cooked dinner together – barbecue pulled pork sandwiches.  And my two lovely carafes purchased a local homegoods store – Honeysuckle Homes.

Hiking through the Nature Preserve at Marrott Park.

Celebrating Jon and Ginger’s 33rd wedding anniversary at an amazing French Bistro – Petite Chou.  My chicken paillard and the shared apple pie crepe with caramel gelato were divine.

How was this my first visit to Traders Point Creamery?  Brunch in an old barn on Indiana’s only 100% organic and grass fed dairy farm.  We walked all through the farm and I actually squealed with joy at how close I could get to the animals.  Totally awesome afternoon.


The last dinner of the trip – my attempt at a Big Fancy Steak Salad.  Ginger and I had a lot of fun making this, and it was incredible.